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Best ice fishing lures for crappie

Best Ice Fishing Lures For Crappie

Ice fishing might seem like a fun activity for fishermen, but when it comes to crappie fishing, you come by several various questions like;

Which lure should you choose for catching crappie in ice water? And How can you pick the right one for a particular scenario?

Crappie is a panfish type, undoubtedly a non-technical term used for calling out popular freshwater fishes.

Catching them is surely tricky, leading you to a number of possibilities that can help you lure them in ice-cold waters.

The fishing lure is one of them; while various types of lures are available in the market, it leads you to countless head aching possibilities.

You can surely pick the ones you think are right for the scenario, but if you selected 3 different lures, would you take all of them with you?

This seems like a tough question, right?

That is why we compiled this article to give you the best crappie lures for winter or ice water.

Below you will find the best crappie lures 2020 and a buying guide; please let me ask if you come by any confusion.

Here are our Top 10 Best Ice Fishing Lures For Crappie

Best ice fishing lures for crappieBest Fit
1.Sougayilang Jigs Fishing luresBest ice fishing spoons for crappie
2.THKFISH Ice Fishing Lures Ice Fishing JigsBest ice fishing jigs for crappie
3.Berkley Powerbait Crappie Nibbles Dough Best ice fishing bait for crappie
4.Berkley Powerbait Sparkle CrappieBest power bait for ice fishing
5. YZD Silverside Minnow Crappie JigBest crappie ice fishing lures jigs
6.Goture Ice Fishing JigsBest color jig for crappie ice fishing
7.Gulp Alive Leech Fishing BaitBest live bait for crappie ice fishing
8.Strike King Mr. Crappie Slabalicious BaitBest ice fishing bait for crappie
9.Goture Micro Freshwater Fishing JigsBest Jigs For Ice Fishing with Spoon
10.Bobby Garland Baby Shad Crappie BaitBest ice fishing plastics for crappie

Before we get started, the best product, as per our recommendation, is Sougayilang Jigs fishing lures. Furthermore, the other suggestions for your ease are;

Best Ice Fishing Jigs For Crappie
Sougayilang Jigs Fishing Lures Sinking Metal...
Best Power Bait For Ice Fishing
Berkley PowerBait Crappie Nibbles Dough Fishing...
Best Crappie Ice Fishing Lures
THKFISH Ice Fishing Lures Ice Fishing Jigs Ice...
Sougayilang Jigs Fishing Lures Sinking Metal...
Berkley PowerBait Crappie Nibbles Dough Fishing...
THKFISH Ice Fishing Lures Ice Fishing Jigs Ice...
1,070 Reviews
Metal Fishing Spoons
Non-floating Glowing formula
lead material
Best Ice Fishing Jigs For Crappie
Sougayilang Jigs Fishing Lures Sinking Metal...
Sougayilang Jigs Fishing Lures Sinking Metal...
Metal Fishing Spoons
Best Power Bait For Ice Fishing
Berkley PowerBait Crappie Nibbles Dough Fishing...
Berkley PowerBait Crappie Nibbles Dough Fishing...
Non-floating Glowing formula
Best Crappie Ice Fishing Lures
THKFISH Ice Fishing Lures Ice Fishing Jigs Ice...
THKFISH Ice Fishing Lures Ice Fishing Jigs Ice...
1,070 Reviews
lead material

#1. Sougayilang Jigs Fishing lures: Best ice fishing spoons for crappie

  • Chemically sharpened hooks
  • The real-life vertical motion of hooks
  • Anti-rusting due to Zinc Alloy
  • Fewer excursions make the hooks retire.

Here is the Sougayilang Fishing lure, which has been highly recommended by the fishing community.

The design, sturdiness, shape, and other things are great in this product; they will certainly help you catch crappies.

You will get a total of 5 small size jigs in the fishing kit. Due to the small size, fishermen commonly ask, can this lure be used in catching big fishes?

Yes, the jigs’ unique feature is its Zinc alloy construction, which provides your jigs with extra strength that can endure even the bigger fishes, so basically, you can use it for other fishes.

You might be confused about the shape of this best ice fishing spoons for crappie due to the 3D structure. Actually, you will find this hook chemically sharpened that can grasp the crappies effortlessly. The vivid body and the 3D shaped eyes are similar to actual fish.

Hence, the Crappies cannot resist the lures and will fall into the trap the moment you start to fish. Some question arises when purchasing these types of lures like, what is the utmost use of this lure? And in which condition it is most useful?

Fishermen who are most fond of the deep-down fishing or in the marine water, so if you are amongst them, you will have absolute success with these jigs.

Lastly, the Rhombus shape will enable you to effortlessly penetrate the water body and make contact with fishes like tuna, snapper, and even silver crap.

Hence, included in the best ice fishing spoons for crappie are great value for money if you aim for in-depth jigging.

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#2. ThkFish Ice Fishing Lure: Best ice fishing jigs for crappie

  • Best customer care service and support
  • Vivid pattern and natural look of lures
  • Various sizes and shapes, perfect for walleyes
  • Some of the lures are seen with fins broken.

The Chinese manufacturers Thkfish has been known for producing lures and baits. In this kit, you will have 26 pieces with various types of high-quality sizes and shapes.

So, which scenarios are best for these various sizes and shapes? Precisely, there are six various types of jigs which suite different scenarios and types of fishes.

When we talk about shape, you will find these baits in a water drop type design and are made up of lead material, which improves the lure’s overall response.

Being in the best ice fishing jigs for crappie, you will have high-quality graded carbon steel manufacturing material, which is also their main feature. 

You won’t have a problem penetrating through the fish due to the carbon steel sharpened hooks and can also withstand all types of abuse you put it in.

Won’t steel manufacturing increase the visibility of these lures?

Yes, but the exterior design comes with a vivid pattern and the angle which doesn’t reflect the light.

It also comes in various verities of sizes. Lastly, as we have mentioned about the company’s well-known services and top-notch reputation, you will have thirty days of guarantee.

Hence, the best ice fishing jigs for crappie you can get from manufacturers known for their customer care and quality. They come in various sizes, which enable you to use them in multiple scenarios but are termed best for walleyes.

#3. Barkley PowerBait Dough Glow Bait: Best ice fishing bait for crappie

  • The glowing dough of the same color, making it visible.
  • Non-floating formula to sink effortlessly in the water
  • Disperses a scent in water to attract fish from some distance
  • Effortless to use.
  • Requires a jar to carry around for use.

When we are talking about the artificial baits for fishing, nothing can beat the Barkley products. Not to forget, the remarkable series of PowerBait has even challenged the alive baits at some spots.

Being crowned the best ice fishing bait for crappie, you will find them remarkably useful for catching bass fishes, but they will also work fantastic when you use them for crappie.

Barkley PowerBait Dough comes in various sizes and shapes; you will find them petite, long-lasting, and effortless to use with much less mess. PowerBait comes in chrome glow made with a unique formula that keeps them visually glowing in the water from a distance.

So, doesn’t the weight of dough enable the bait to float over water?

The fascinating thing or the highlighted feature of PowerBait is its non-floating formula, which enables it to remain in the water. While it is in your water body, the scent can reach up to some distance for the fishes to know that food has been served, you have to do nothing.

The non-floating formula will also prove to you that it is very well used with filling tubes and the tipping jigs.

Another top feature is the permanent glow and scent, which Barkley had put in these baits that mimic minute color releases for catching crappies or other fishes.

Lastly, you can use these lures on any type of fishing crappie hook and small lures; for these reasons, it has been regarded as the best ice fishing bait for crappie.

Hence, Barkly, a well-known manufacturer of baits and lures, managed to make these premium lures with non-floating formula and glow to attract specifically fishes.

These best ice fishing bait for crappie can also be used with any type of hook and small lures, independent of your instrument size or shape.

#4. Barkley PowerBait Sparkle Crappie: Best power bait for ice fishing

  • Sparkles that acts like scales of shad and minnows
  • Non-floating modified formula to sink slowly in water
  • Attracts fishes by dispersing scent
  • Best for panfish
  • Need to be stored in room temperature for use

As, we have mentioned before, Barkley has been on top when talking about lures and baits. Their top line product series is PowerBait, which has even challenged the alive baits in some features.

Barkley PowerBait Sparkle Crappie Nibble is a plastic manufactured lure with an outstanding feature: its sparkles.  You will find them remarkably useful for catching panfish, but you will also find them great for crappies. That is why they are termed as best ice fishing plastics for crappie.

Barkley PowerBait Sparkles come in various color combinations and the glitter which suites that color precisely.

Will the glittering glow disappear in the water?

PowerBait comes in chrome glowing glitters made with a unique formula that keeps them reflective for longer distances. So, the glow won’t disappear in water; rather, it works inside the water body.

The fascinating thing or the highlighted feature of PowerBait Sparkles is its non-floating formula, which enables it to remain in the water.

How will the fish know about the bait?

While it is in your waterbody, there is a strange scent formula that can reach some distance for the fishes.

The non-floating formula will also prove to you that it is very well used with filling tubes and the tipping jigs. The top feature includes glitter, which Barkley had put in these baits that mimic subtle sparkles for catching crappies or other fishes.

You can even use these lures on any type of fishing crappie hook or instrument; for these reasons, it has been included in the best ice fishing plastics for crappie.

Hence, you don’t have to worry about the product’s quality because Barkly is a well-known top manufacturer of baits and lures. They managed to make these plastic lures with non-floating formula and sparkles to act like skins of shad and minnows to catch panfish or crappies.

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#5. YZD Silverside Minnow: Best crappie ice fishing lures jigs

  • Friendly to use for beginners
  • Average size, also suitable for catching small fishes
  • Reflective minnow resembling design to attract crappies from a distance.
  • N/A

YZD is a brand that mainly revolves around fishing lures; they have a decent reputation in their respective field. YZD Fishing lure Silverside Minnow is a minnow-shaped lure that is of moderate size and length

Due to this reason, you can effortlessly use it to catch even the smaller fishes. Being the Best Crappie ice fishing lures, they come in 12 jig lure packs, and each weights 1/32oz while coming with a length of 1.5 inches.

They are manufactures in such a way that you will have no doubts in their fake design similar to minnows. The manufacturing material is a miler, which is very real in hand, so fishes will come and bite onto the lure quickly.

The unique feature is the attractive design that flashes in the water body, drawing attention towards it from a wider area. Crappies in the ice water will love to bite onto these subtle and sharp hooks.

Hence, a very decent and balanced set of minnows resembling best crappie ice fishing lures that are also budget-friendly. You will have no problem using them as a beginner and will help you catch crappies effortlessly.

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#6. Goture Ice Fishing Jigs with Treble: Best color jig for crappie ice fishing

  • Quality design has attention to minute details.
  • Hooks on either side of the lure
  • Very durable and long-lasting
  • The design is stiff and not flexible, making it hard to handle for soft body fishes

Another value for money product, Goture Ice fishing Jigs with treble, is a great deal for people looking for detailed lures in a budget price range.

In case you are one of them, then It is important to note that these lures jigs are designed and built so that they are lookalike of premium lures.

For example, you will notice that the fins and the body are premia built to resemble just like the real ones (minnows) They are implemented so that you will forget you are using fake ones instead of alive baits.

Do the fake lures affect the success rate of catching Crappies?

No, the success is increased instead of decreasing due to the effortless use of these jigs.

The eyes are manufactured to meet the requirement of real, live baits. Therefore, the design is perfect for you to catch Walleyes, perch, and not to forget, the crappies.

The question comes in mind; does it offer something unique? There are particular hooks attached with the head and tail, which makes the fishes hard to escape.

You will also notice a certain balance to the whole structure, which gives these lures a swimming action for fishes to notice.

On the performance side, there is a pattern if fish scale, but there is an inevitable downside to the structure as well as it is not flexible for you to use it on softer bodies.

Hence, when it comes to high quality real like lures with jigs in a budget price range, nothing can beat these beat crappie ice fishing lures jigs.

They make it hard for fishes to escape due to quality hooks on either side. The body and fins are noticeably lookalike real ones, and not to forget, it is best to attract the walleyes, perch, and crappies.

#7. Gulp Alive Leech: Best live bait for crappie ice fishing

  • Perfect substitute for alive baits.
  • User friendly due to its size and shape
  • Water-soluble, biodegradable in nature
  • The scent is too strong; it takes time to wear off from your self

Just like PowerBait, Gulp is also the premium series from the Barkley company. The main idea behind these product lines is to provide you with the natural baits that act as substitutes.

Leech, which is loved by the crappie fishes, will enable you to catch crappie much easily. That is why we consider Gulp Alive Leech as the best live bait for Crappie ice fishing; that is also very friendly to use for beginners.

If you can use the live leech, then why these Gulp Alive leech baits?

This question remains as most common amongst the beginner anglers. Alive Leech or baits are tough to take care of, and never the less; they also require your experience when fishing.

Gulp Alive leech, on the other hand, will give you a relaxing time while using and will also require no experience from your end. That is why they are mostly recommended.

What about the shape, size, and usability of these lures? These lures are water-soluble, meaning they are biodegradable. It will enable your lure to leave a scent behind that disperses over an area instead of the typical plastic lures.

The size is three-inch and is termed as most effortless in catching crappie fishes or walleyes, backed by many other species’ fishes. Hence, Gulp from Barkley is the perfect substitute for alive baits that beginners can use effortlessly.

Therefore, the best crappie ice fishing lures you can find in the market is a substitute for alive ones. Indeed the best live bait for crappie ice fishing.

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#8. Strike King Mr. Crappie Slabalicious bait: Best ice fishing bait for crappie

  • Budget-Friendly lure with decent quality
  • Versatile comes with various color combinations.
  • Tail design that attracts crappies
  • Cannot be used for other fish species

Strike King is a well-known manufacturer of baits and lures; they have generally been making some top-quality futuristic lures in 2020 that make it effortless to catch crappies and other species.

Slabalicious bait is a very versatile one with an attractive and much affordable range. You can use this bait to catch crappies in any water body and especially in the ice water, due to various color combinations.

How much can a bait have combinations for color? Well, it’s a matter of numbers, but when it comes to combinations, there are sixteen of them available.

Each of them has their use and are specifically designed to attract the crappies.

In a single pack, you will be presented with fifteen of these lures. They are friendly to use and can help you in catching crappies only. Due to these reasons, we included this marvelous bait in Best Crappie lures 2020.

You might still be wondering what is special about this lure? Well, we mentioned before that it is very versatile due to its color ranges and its quantity in a pack.

But there is more to it; you can use this lure specifically for pulling, pitching, flipping, and trolling, not to forget also casting.

They come up with a unique feature: its swimming action and the minute vibration due to design. It will enable you to lure the crappies into biting from longer distances.

What about the design of these lures? The design is the most amusing thing about these lures. They have a 2-inch length with a tail that crappies love to go after.

This tail design also paddles when it is inside the water, enabling you to attract the fishes around the water body effortlessly.

Hence, Slabalicious bait is one of the most amusing bait for catching crappies in ice water due to its versatility and design that the crappies cannot resist. Truly the best crappie lures 2020.

#9. Goture Micro Freshwater Fishing Jigs: Best Jigs For Ice Fishing with Spoon

  • Very portable due to small size and length
  • Effortless to use due to durable hooks
  • Odorless and reusable
  • Perfect posture for swimming in freshwater
  • Small size is not always great for catching big fishes and is also hard to take care of

Here you have it; the new ice fishing lures for catching crappies.

Goture Micro, as the name suggests, comes with a tiny shape, and you will find them very portable. The manufacturer has been around for some time and is known for making some unique types of lures for catching fish species.

The Goture Micro Freshwater Fishing jigs weight 0.18oz and come in a length of 0.79 inches. So, does the small size and length mean they are not durable? Not exactly, they are made up of Carbon steel.

It is both very durable, strong, and has an anti-corrosion feature, which is not found in other types.You will be amazed to know that it has six various paint layers, which makes it live long and attractive.

It has also been laser reflected layered on both sides, which means that you can use it on the water without any danger of reflection; rather, it goes towards the refraction side.

Design is the central aspect; can it attract the fishes as compared to live baits? Yes, it can because of its 3D designed eyes and premium layers, making it hard to notice even to bare eyes.

The main feature of these new ice fishing lures is the swimming posture. They are made of lead material in the shape of drop water, which indicates to you how perfect the swimming posture is?

Rings that are durable present on either side of the lure. Backed up by the carbon steel made a treble hook, which provides a bit of vibration.

Hence, if you are looking out for environmentally friendly and reusable lures, these are the absolute premium and durable new ice fishing lures, which are also portable.

#10. Bobby Garland Baby Shad Crappie Bait: Best ice fishing plastics for crappie

  • Thin spear tail to attract crappies
  • Stable and durable liner construction
  • Well off for outdoor winter use
  • Not so flexible.

Here is the Sportsman Supply inch baby shad crappie bait, which is remarkably inside the budget line and comes with a pack of 18.

It has a skinny spear tail on the design side, which will help you attract crappies. Actually, the crappies cannot resist the long tails of these baits even in the winter season.

It has a solid liner design, which makes it the best crappie lures for winter. But how can it really attract the fish, if they cannot see it?

There is a layer of glitter on the top; when you cast it into the water, it starts to reflect and shine. This attracts the fish from some distance, especially crappies, which love these types of bodies.

You might be wondering which combinations it comes in? There is a gray and blue combination of crappie lures. You can choose the one you like most because both colors are very well off for catching fish in the winter season.

Sportsman Supply Inc. has been known for making durable and outdoor, environmentally friendly lures. This one is no exception; you can use it any outdoor environment due to its two-inch length and fishing action.

Hence, a very durable and portable fishing lure that the crappies cannot resist falling into due to long tail. Truly the best crappie lures for winter season due to blue and gray combinations in a pack of 18-durable, outdoor lifestyle lures.

What are the Best Ice Fishing Lures for Crappie? Buying Guide

Before you set your goal to buy an ice fishing lure for crappie, you need to be well aware of a few factors. These factors will enable you to set a goal on which one is perfect for that specific scenario you are in.

Either you are in the winter season or fishing at the time of night, you need to be well aware of which type and size of ice lure you should aim for. You cannot pick all of them because they are not easy to carry around with the extra fishing equipment in cold water bodies.

So, stick to this article below and find out about these factors;

Type and size of ice lure to catch crappie:

You should be well aware of the fact that crappie prefers the overall structure while feeding maximum on larvae or insects. The best ice fishing lures for crappie are termed small in size jigs, tipped with plastic (soft), jigging lures, and 1 to 2-inch spoons.

Talking about jigs, you might be wondering; they are of various sizes, how can I choose from them? Well, they might come in various sizes, shapes, and even colors;

The general description is that the natural color works flawlessly with clear or shallow water. On the other hand, a bright one can be used for deeper water or low light times.

They are backed up by chrome and glow color as well, which are for the same scenario. Commonly, the ice fishing jigs for crappie are made up of tungsten material.

Tungsten is much denser and more massive than lead material, meaning you get the same size jig but heavy. Tungsten will sing in water faster while giving you a much better response in the jigging technique.

Below you will come by various types of crappie ice fishing lures;

  • Small jigs: Which crappie prefer eating; small size jigs are similar to them. They can either be jigged horizontally, vertically or even stationary on the side of the bottom, which makes them the ideal deal for fishing through a small hole in the ice. Sizes include 1/32 to 1/64 oz for shallow water bodies and 1/16 to others for twenty feet or deeper body of water.
  • Soft Plastic: Plastic lures come in various sizes and shapes like eyes, tails, cilia alike. Soft ones have wiggle action to the which attracts crappies. So, ice fishing crappies made of plastic are perfect additives to the ice jigs and especially when it becomes tough for live bait to work.
  • Small spoons: Spoons are precisely similar to the frightening minnow or shad. The vibrations on the concave side catches are the fish’s attention and force them into biting. Spoons of the size from 1/16 towards 1/8 oz are the well-off performers. The larger or the heavier ones should be used when the fishes or crappies are in more resonant water bodies.
  • Jigging Bait: These baits are solid ones and resemble the baitfish or other type of forage that provides you with a presentation of the horizontal lure with the fins and the wings attached. It creates the swimming motion, with that the treble hooks, tail, and the nose or airplane jigs have an upmost ratio of hookup.

Winter Crappie Fishing:

Winter might be the best season for fishermen to go for some crappie fishing. The right spot can sometimes produce remarkable results, as you will come by many fishes in a single place.

Before you go for some winter crappie fishing, it is essential to note that it is much like hunting than proper fishing. You will have to spot the fishes carefully, find them first, and then use the lures with fishing equipment to catch them.

With this, you will require utter patience, and sometimes luck plays the role as well.

  • Informative note:

In larger water bodies like a river or lake, you may need a small territory to find the crappies.

You need to note that before you go for larger bodies winter crappie fishing, you need to look for baitfish instead of crappies.

It is due to the reason that crappies are usually suspended under the baitfish in the winter season.

You will also require support from the electronic media before hoping at a place for finding the crappies. It will help you in choosing the bait, as we mentioned before in this article.

  • Why the deeper areas in winter?

In winter, water is much stabler and warmer at the more profound points. Crappies favor warmth as compared to cold.

That is why you will find them at a deeper point, near the absolute bottom.

At that time, you will have to present them with the bait ranging from 1 to 10 feet off the bottom.

In many shallow conditions, around less than 25 feet, you will have to aim closer than one foot.

Nevertheless, when deeper lakes, ranging from more than 25 feet, are your spot, you should aim closer to 10 feet off the bottom of the water.

A map is required when winter crappie fishing, contour map, or even a fish finder is your best friend in this scenario.

Below, you will find the top spots to look out for Crappies in the winter season;

  • Bay Mouths:

In winter, the bait fishes are moving out from the shallow bays and then cover themselves into the central part at first ice.

If you find the bay very much flat or shallow or the mouth is narrow, then crappie will start to cut them as they move to the main lake and have a mood for feed.

Later in winter, they tend to move towards deep water bodies, but they are still near the bay mouths.

  • Channels and Drop-offs:

Channels and Drop-offs tend to hold a larger number of crappies in the wintertime.

At these spots, the crappies can have a comfortable enough depth.

This depth can also make them hold closer to the structure for more safety measures.

If you are finding them in the drop off points, the quick or steep drop off is way better than the gradual ones.

In case you are lucky enough to find the flat ones that possess a structure similar to the brush piles or even the sunken trees before dropping off points, you are good to go there.

  • Inside the Points and Bends:

As we mentioned before, a contour map in winter crappie fishing is a must; you need to look out for the points and bends that look like either the v or u shape.

The most distinctive points or bends leads to better results in finding the crappies.

A quick change in depth are points that can lead to quick finding.

  • Flats with Structure:

If you failed in finding the contrast in depths, you should aim for the flats.

Like the other season of the year, stumps, submerged trees, and even then, piles of brush are excellent choices for finding the crappies in winter.

You will also find plankton in these spots, that attracts the batfishes.

And we covered this topic, that whenever you find baitfish, crappies are with them. So, you are good to go in that case.

  • Holes:

Lastly, holes are the spots that provide you with the overall structure for crappies.

You should aim for the steel and narrow holes. Wider or gradual ones are less attractive to crappies.

More comprehensive also means you have more space to move around to find the absolute spot.

So, in case you can find the narrow or steeper holes on the map, you are well off.

Holes in the shallow bays are also termed the best spots to catch crappies fish in the winter season.

The day time heat from the sun in the shallow bay comes much quicker than the lake.

So, these bays draw the attention of crappies, especially in the time of the afternoon of winter.

Hence, you need to do some research for the spots before going for winter crappie fishing. Equipment is essential and such, but it is more like hunting for crappies than fishing for them in winter.

Ice Fishing Crappie at night:

When it is winter season and wants to fully enjoy the crappie fishing, night time is considered the best one. Crappies love warm conditions or environments; winter, on the other hand, is colder.

So, the crappies tend to go deeper into the water, which in return makes them comfortable and safer. When the sun starts to come out, they tend to move outward due to the sun’s rays that make the conditions warmer in comparison to night time.

That is why then you are fishing in the night time; crappies change their mood in accordance with the moon. The most optimal time of the day is around after evening when the sun starts to set. It is in the morning when the sun begins to rise.

It would help if you also were careful of the full moon; you should avoid it when it arrives. But the most optimal scenario is when you start to fish two days after or two days before the full moon.

So, what about the new moon? You need to be as close as the new moon when night fishing in the winter season. If you have anchovies, you need to cut them into minute pieces of about an inch in its length. It triggers the crappies at night time.

The bigger baits you have, the fewer strikes you will get at that time. But the bigger crappies on average, you will catch. As we mentioned before that crappies tend to love the warm scenarios. So, they move towards the deeper part of the water body at night time.

Hence, you need to go deep fishing; the recommended spots are docks, banks, and even piers. Here, the trick is to put various casts out with different lines at depts with baits to find the perfect catch you are looking for.

Nighttime doesn’t mean that it will be cold, summertime nights are hotter, but still, crappies tend to hinder in the shallow part at that time.

Last but not least, night time crappie fishing is difficult due to darkness and various other factors.

You will require map knowledge, or even an electronic depth finder would be marvelous to track crappies down. Other than that, the most fantastic areas for targeting are rocky embankments, structure, weeds, bases of various trees, etc.

Crappie Ice Fishing Tips:

Keep in mind that night time is the perfect time to catch crappies.

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Conclusion: Best Ice Fishing Lures For Crappie

When it is winter, fishermen tend to aim for crappies, but it is certainly not that simple. You have to take into account various things like lures for attracting the crappies from the depths of water and places to aim for.

In this article, we compiled the best ice fishing lures/baits for crappies and provided you with a buying guide, which is undoubtedly helpful if you aim to purchase lures for fishing.

What is the best color jig for crappie?

When it comes to the best fishing lures/jigs according to color for catching crappie, you need to take care of both stained and clear water. Chartreuse is a color that is famous for being all-around fishermen favorite jig color because it looks very realistic when underwater.

What is the best jig size for crappie?

Typically, the head and body are taken separately for ease. So, you need to have 1/16 ounces jig head or less than that, which is considered the best ice fishing lures/jigs size. The body’s size should be around 1 inch to two-inch, and the weight of crappie should be approximately 1/8 to 1/4 ounces. Finally, the perfect length is between two to three inches.

Which scent attracts crappie?

Crappies are attracted to certain familiar scents like the crappie are a fan of minnow scented paste. The smell of minnow attracts then from far away. When the bite is rough or harsh, using the dough of minnow scented paste on the ice fishing lures/jigs to enhance the smell of bait is a pro move.

What time of day is best for crappie fishing?

Typically, the best time of day for crappie fishing is around the before sunrise time in warmer months or after it in a typical time of days. Nighttime is referred to as the best for crappie fishing in warmer months. But during the colder months, the time of day, which is warmest, is best for going fishing with ice fishing lures/jigs.

What temperature is best for crappie fishing?

The most suitable temperature for crappie fishing is around 50 to 60 degrees. You need to check the temperature of the water often. The shallow areas or bays can become warm very quickly or are termed as hotspots. According to the crappie fishing champions, the best temperature for using the ice fishing lures/jigs to catch crappie is 59.

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