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How to choose a fishing rod for Beginners?

How To Choose A Fishing Rod For Beginner

One of the most challenging decisions a beginner fisherman has to go through is selecting a Fishing rod. There are a variety of fishing rods in the market to choose from, and for a new angler, these massive varieties can cause headaches.

Longer or shorter, stiffer or flexible, Fiberglass, graphite, or both of them. These types of decisions are experienced by anglers. So, some questions like, what type of bait to use, and where should we go for fishing? Are in mind of anglers.

To answer these questions, you first need to pick a fishing rod from different types, whether you are out there to choose one for beginners or for the more experienced fishermen.

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There are some factors in the fishing gear which will aid you in selecting the right Fishing rod-like;

Important Factors to Choose A Fishing Rod:

Strength of Fishing rod:

It is important for starters to note that the Fishing rod is basically the balance between strength and flexibility.

Stronger Fishing rods can generally cast many heavy lures and also the bait, but they are not so gentle when it comes to sensitive fishes or may not even be flexible enough to work with the lighter Fishing lines.

Lighter Fishing rods are much more sensitive, but they are not so stiff and strong for bigger fishes.

Length of Fishing Rod:

Fishing rods are also differentiated based on their size or length. Smaller or shorter ones are more powerful for the fish fight and are also used by the experienced fishermen for fish trolling and ultimately fishing for larger fishes.

On the other hand, the larger-length fishing rods are used for further casts, which is why the casting rods and the fly rods are longer in length, even in terms of Larger Fishing rods.

They can be found for up to 14 feet larger in length. These types of rods can be found in several removable or bendable pieces that will help you in transportation. That is why you can clearly see 6 feet lengthy Fishing rods as a singular piece.

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Fishing Rod Selection:

Before going out for fishing, you would want to have a general knowledge of what species of fish you are after and which gear you are using to catch that species.

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Based on Rod Types:

Spinning Rods:

Spinning rods are the ones that work flawlessly with the lighter lures and the lighter baits. They are also the general-purpose fishing rods and are best known for beginners.

Casting Rods:

Casting rods are generally well off for tossing baits made artificially, jigs, and also the plugs that are much heavier.

Based on Rod Material:

There is two material which is used in manufacturing the Fishing rods; they are Fiberglass and Graphite.


It is much more robust and is generally much flexible, but to be honest, when you are going out for Fishing rod shopping, they are the least expensive ones.


Graphite, on the other hand, is much stiffer and has lighter yet sensitive manufacturing, making it vulnerable to damages.

Hybrid Rods:

A new type of material is introduced lately, a mixture of Fiberglass and Graphite, known as the Hybrid Fishing rod. These rods are a combination resulting in flexibility, stiff, lightweight, and also more sensitivity.

To be honest, the best of these three is actually dependent on your own choice and not on the choice of other people. Asking the best Fishing rod for beginner, you will end up choosing the Fiberglass not because of its inexpensiveness but also because of its durability.

Based on Action:

Action is considered as the primary thing you need to look out for when purchasing a Fishing rod. For beginners, there is no exception. Action is the amount of bend a fishing rod possesses.

Many providers have medium, medium-heavy, ultra-light, heavy action rods. But you will have to choose, depending on the fish you are targeting. There is no made-up rule that allows you to make a combination of fishing rod based on the fish species, but there are fewer exceptions.

Smaller Fish:

Smaller fish like panfish are best caught by the ultralight rods. This makes you enjoy fishing due to the lightweight of rod and also more sensitivity.

Medium size Fish:

Bass and the Walleye fish, which are considered medium-sized fishes, are well off with the heavy action rod.

Heavy or Larger Fish:

As compared to that, the Ocean fish, Salmon, and the Catfish, which are considered in the category of larger fish, are best caught up by the medium to heavy medium rods.

Based on the Reel type:

Fishing reel plays an essential part in choosing the correct fishing rod for beginners. There are two types of reels which we will discuss for beginners;

  • The Baitcasting reels.
  • The Spin casting reels.

Baitcasting reels:

In the case of Baitcasting reels, the reel itself is placed on the top of the Fishing rod. That is why professional anglers tend to aim towards the Baitcasting reels.

Spincasting reels:

On the other hand, the spin casting reels are found on the Fishing rod’s bottom side. They are much favorable to the beginners due to their design. They are much more comfortable for anglers to use and are suited to the spin casting rods.

Final words: How to Choose a Fishing Rod

If you are not much experienced when it comes to fishing, there are many things you need to look after before you go out to buy new gear. The primary thing you need to aim for is the fish species you are looking to catch.

This will ultimately help you in fishing ropes and also the purchase on Fishing gear. Once you are all set on a single species, then choosing a Fishing rod becomes much effortless.

There are many aspects of the rod. But keep in mind the discussed points whenever you are browsing the lineup of distributors. These aspects will aid you in Fishing gear selection, and for a beginner, it will also help you choose a Fishing rod that goes well off with your skills and techniques.

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