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How to Put line on a Spinning Reel for Beginners

How To Put Line On A Spinning Reel

Fishing Reels are considered to be one of the leading equipment when it comes to fishing. There are many types of Reels, but the Spinning Reels amongst them are considered to be the most versatile fishing reels, and they are also effortless to use when compared to the baitcasting reels.

But certainly, everything has an unfortunate aspect with its ethical aspects. For the Spinning Reel or gear, it is prevalent to have line twists when spooling up the reel. So, it is vital that you take this aspect into account and also lookout for this problem.

You have worn-out Fishing Line or you need to restring the Fishing Reel; in this case, you either have the wrong size of the Fishing line spooled and want to change the fishing line, or it is just that you have a new spinning reel with you.

In this article, we will explain to you how you can put the new Fishing Line on the Fishing Reel. You will get to know that it isn’t really that hard; instead, there are some steps you need to follow for quick Spooling.

What is Spinning Reel:

Spinning reels are included in reels that are open-faced, having a very lightweight setup. They are very efficient and effortless to use, also being the best choice for beginners, either young or old.

The open design allows the fishermen to operate and cast easily. It can be mounted just below the Fishing rod, which gets you less wrist strength, which keeps the reel in its own place.

To cast it, you simply need to flip the bait and then put the fingers on the fishing line, which is used as a lock. At that spot, you can cast the reel and also close the bait. The closing of bail will turn the handle, and the turning will make the line reel back in.

They are best when it comes to the small baitcasting, but there is also the bigger version available that you can use for offshore fishing.

The central aspect of using the Spinning Reel is not its reliability and ease of use but its versatility. You can use this reel with extra spools as well, which ultimately makes it switch the lines while you are fishing on the water body.

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Line Selection Guide:

The line selection guide is especially essential when it comes to the spooling with a spinning reel. In case you are using the medium size of a spinning reel, then you have a call for a 12-pound test for more critical stuff. Therefore you should aim for the braided ones.

In case you are with the braided line, then you need to lay down a bit of that mono line on the spool, primarily before the braided one. This is important because it will prevent the braid from slipping off the spool. So, attach the braided towards the mono using only the knot known as Uni knot; that is with the backing in place.

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After all this, you need to follow the proper steps that are provided below for your convenience.

How to Spool a Spinning Reel:

Here is the step described instruction for you to know how you can pull line on the Fishing Reel. It would be fantastic if you had a person around with you for help, but if you are alone while spooling the spinning reel, you need to focus on the steps provided below.

  • First Step; Attaching the Reel to the Fishing Rod:

The first and the primary step is no doubt attaching the reel to the Fishing Rod. This makes it very easy to install the fishing line on the spinning reel if it is connected to the Fishing Rod.

  • Second Step; Running the Line Through the Fist Guide:

You need to take the end of the Fishing Line off the spool in such a way that it will come on and then run the line towards the reel side through the first guide, which is the larger one mounted closer to the reel seat.

  • Third Step; Opening the Bail:

It is most vital that you remember opening the bail. You might not get it right, but for the most part, people commonly tend to forget about this part, and then it gets skipped. After that, when the line is attached carefully towards the spool, the people tend to realize that it won’t be picking up by the bail.

So, it goes back to this step. Hence, saving yourself and remembering the opening of bail at the very beginning before the line is attached to the spool can save you a lot of headaches.

  • Fourth Step; Attaching the Line to the Reel Spool:

The first step is to learn how to tie the Fishing line to the reel, which is actually a straightforward step. To do this, you need to primarily wrap the fishing line around the reel spool two times precisely; then, you need to secure the line with a knot known as an overhand knot. Then afterward, it would help if you trimmed the tag end.

In case you are restringing the reel because of the Fishing line being worn out, then you can choose to leave the older lines on the Fishing reel as a backing. Doing this will enable you to connect the older line with the newer line, only using a Knot known as Uni Knot.

This is a valuable tip that can save you expenses whenever reclining the Fishing reel because it takes way less fishing line, which is new to fill the spool.

  • Fifth Step; Winding the Line Slowly onto the Reel:

Then, you can simply flip the closed bail and then start to turn the handle slowly. The time you crank, rotating bail will lay the line onto the spool reel in a pattern of even wraps. It would be best if you stopped after a couple of cranks because the most critical step arrives, which is ensuring the Fishing spool is in the right orientation.

  • Sixth Step; Watching the Spool Orientation:

Speaking of the Spool orientations, there are three orientations that can be used. The two of them are false, which results in the twisting of Fishing Line while there is the only one which is the correct orientation.

The primary step is not to run the line straightly off the spool, just how you would spool a bait caster. It should be carefully coming off with a spool face pointed towards your own self.

Explaining the step of how you can put the line on the Fishing Reel, there are some people who discuss the line to be in the clockwise direction or the counterclockwise one when coming off. This is very confusing to understand and then remember or very hard to describe; that is why we will provide you with a fantastic trick.

You should stand and then try holding the Fishing Rod in a direction parallel to the floor. Then place the spool line on the group, which is on your front side; the label should be facing you or the floor side.

When you put tension on the Fishing Line, you hand between the First guide and the reel and start to crank the Fishing Reel. On the approximate tenth crank, watch the Fishing Line near the spool right on the floor, after that lower the Fishing Rod to allow some slack.

The most critical step arrives where you will be watching one of the two things. The Loosened Fishing line will be laid onto the floor in a very relaxed, nice loop, or there would be loops that twist over themselves into the coils that are not relaxed at all.

You should want the Relaxed coils at the point, and in case you don’t see the relaxed ones, then you need to flip the spool all around and then repeat the whole test all over again.

You can crank for about approximately ten times; then, you will start to see the loose and relaxed coils present on the floor. If you see them, you can proceed forward without any problem.

No need for unspooling is required for the Fishing line to correct the coils or twists that are present there. This is because they are very deep on the spool and won’t even matter.

  • Seventh Step; Cranking until the Reel Spool is Full:

After the sixth step is successful, you need to simply fill the reel with the Fishing Line. Standing and then facing the spool present on the floor, you need to hold the Fishing rod parallel and then put a bit of tension on the Fishing Line by just grabbing it between the Fist Guide and the Fishing Reel after then you can start the slow crank.

Puck up a bit of speed and then keep going forward until the Fishing line comes one by eighth or three by sixteenth of an inch from the spool lip.

You can now clip the Fishing Line, afterward thread the line passing through the rest of Fishing rod guides and finally tie on the lure.

Video Tutorial: How to spool a spinning reel – Put  line on spinning reels

Final Words:

This article will help you in spooling the Fishing line through the Spinning Reel, but in case you want to use these procedures for the Spin cast Fishing Reels, you can also do that.

Spin Reels are actually the open type or open face reels, but the steps are mainly the same for putting line on reels that are closely or jointly faced. The only thing here to remember is that you need to run the line through the reel face hole.

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