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Is Magnet Fishing Legal in 2020?

What Is Magnet Fishing

Magnet Fishing is a new type of fishing and when it was primarily introduced, it caught the attention of fishers all around the globe, making it a choice to think about when going out for fishing.

The Hot Zone for Magnet Fishing was mainly the US, but inevitably, the other countries also followed.

So, what actually is the Magnet fishing, and does it differentiate from the classic fishing rod method? These questions don’t matter here, but the only thing that matters is that “Is Magnet Fishing Even Legal?” or would you get in serious trouble if you used the Magnet Fishing?

This question holds extreme importance because regular or classical fishing doesn’t require any licenses, preferably under some conditions. Hence, whenever we talk about Magnet Fishing, these questions are the critical aspects.

Is Magnet Fishing Legal
Is Magnet Fishing Legal

After some serious research done by us, there are mainly aren’t any laws concerning the fact that Magnet Fishing is illegal to do, but some states like South Carolina state that it is unlawful to do.

As we talked about the license for fishing, the permission is crucial in case you have to fish over private property, quickly get the permission from the owner, or take into account the violation of trespassing laws.

The simple method to know about the Magnet fishing laws is to check the Local fishing and the website for games to make it properly sure if they haven’t added new laws about the Magnet Fishing being illegal or something related to it.

Sometimes there is a permit or license required for Magnet Fishing, so stay alert for these types of laws. Having proper knowledge about fishing is way better than being fined for it!

What is Magnet Fishing:

Magnet fishing is not the typical fishing; rather, it revolves around magnets that are not the refrigerator ones and are termed as “High Powered Magnets,” having enough power to catch the metal inside the water source.

There is a fishing rope or line that needs to be tossed into the water to find the material made of material attracted to magnets.

So, the primary usage of magnetic fishing comes in, which is that, when you pull or rotate the reel of the fishing line, the magnet holds onto the scraps or anything metallic from deep within the water bodies.

Next time you will bring the magnet back to you, there will be something attracted to it, it could be expensive or simply scrap.

The good thing to notice here is that you can remove anything that is attracted to the magnet and then toss it again into the water at the same sport or different spots in search of something expensive.

Coming to the point that, does it hold the same equipment as the traditional fishing? It does mirror the fishery in a sense that you can use the rod used for typical fishing with the line.

But the main difference here is that at the end of the fishing line, there is a hook that is meant for the magnet. So, when you toss the hook in the water, it catches something, and you reel it back to you, and the prize is yours.

Magnet Fishing is usually termed as a game or sport for a fun time, but when you get it right, there could be something expense on end, attached to the hook.

It has been going popular for a few years and could see some strict regulations concerning it with proper guidelines. Finally, you can rarely expect to have stuff like guns, knives, and other dangerous stuff, so being careful with it is an essential step.

Are Coins Magnetic?

There is not an exact answer to this question; rather, you can call it a mid-line between the Yes and the No, this is because of the reason that Globally each country has a different type of materials used in making coins. Like in the US, you cannot catch the stuff like quarters, nickels and the dimes, etc. The answer to the question will be that you cannot catch the coins in the US.

However, in countries like Canada, you can easily catch coins from Magnet Fishing, which has also been done by the public because there are magnetic metal places inside the coins during the manufacturing period. Being a Canadian, you can be lucky enough to find some coins through Magnetic Fishing.

Taking the general aspect of the countries situated in Europe and Brazil, coins can also be picked up by the Magnet fishing because the Euro coins are made up of magnetic material.

In case you want to pick up different types of change, which is made up of different materials, you can always get your hands on a Magnet, which is typically called a Rare Earth Magnet or scientifically Neodymium.

This is a dominant type of magnet that will trace a slight piece of magnet or metal inside the coin and then catch it.

The only problem with these types of magnets is that they are not the public or the typical ones. They can only be found in stores that have that kind of stuff and cannot be purchased online due to many reasons.

After buying this magnet, you can basically attach it to the hook, which has the old magnet attached to it. Then you can start the game of Magnet fishing to catch some coins, although it’s a personal preference.

Is Gold Attracted to A Magnet?

This question also depends on certain aspects because Pure Gold and Mixed Gold have a different nature. The Pure One termed as 24k gold is not even a bit magnetic, so you cannot catch it with a magnetic fishing rod. Coming to the point that Pure gold is not magnetic, but there is specific Gold, which is not pure and is termed as mixed gold or 14k and 18k gold.

These gold types are mixed with certain other materials, which might include metals informing the complete compounds. Typically, the most common one to be combined with gold is silver, which lessens the number of carets in gold.

An important thing to notice is that silver is also not magnetic, which allows us to know that Gold mixed with Silver also cannot be attracted to metal, which is most popular to be sold in the market as an impure gold.

Still, there are pieces of jewelry made with a mixture of iron and other materials. Having iron means that it is super magnetic and can easily be attracted to a magnet. The problem with arises with the magnetically attracted jewelry is that it might be altogether impure, and there could be no gold present inside the jewelry you just got. Therefore, a test from the jewelry store would be beneficial.

There is a well-known trick amongst jewelers, which is that instead of iron, they add copper with the other materials. This makes the jewelry a nonmagnetic material which cannot be judged as if it is a piece of gold-containing jewelry or not! Hence, looking out for fake is a real way to go.

What are Fishing Magnets?

Fishing Magnets are actually the magnets that have High Strength and can lift weights, which are typically termed as heavy.

For precise measurement, the most commonly used Fishing Magnets have the strength to pull about 750 pounds of weight, which means that it can pull about 340kg of weight. So, it all depends on your ability to carry the load.

For Example, Fining Magnets can even carry the bicycles with magnetically attracted elements inside or even the smaller material found in the water without even dropping them on the way. That is why they are not compared to refrigerator magnets.

With that much weight carrying capacity, you also need a change in equipment, like the fishing line that needs to be strong enough to carry the magnet around or the weight of stuff which is attached along with the magnet when you are pulling it from the water.

Most people use rope instead of that fishing line, which is more beneficial in handling the Fishing Magnet and will also help you in handling the material which is attached to the magnet when fishing.

So, fishing magnets need to be dropped into the water and then wait for it to fall to the bottom, then you need to have patience till you feel something attached to the magnet. Then, you need to pull the magnet up slowly, and the item will be attached.

Note: There are even Fishing Magnets available that can lift the object that weighs about 1200 pounds.

Magnetic Fishing Setup:

The name might lure you into thinking, it is something that requires equipment different from the regular fishing, but to be honest, here, it is not that dissimilar from the proper setup used for fishing.

The only difference lies in the hook and other materials like the line and the sinker. The most important thing you need to take care of is the magnet, which will be the hook and the sinker altogether in the setup for magnetic fishing.

The area is also a factor that needs to take care of because if you are on a boat, taking precautionary measures for your area and space available can be a good choice.

With the right equipment and space, you are good to go for magnetic fishing. Here, we will tell you about the best stuff you can possibly need for the Magnetic fishing.

a) Best Magnet:

People usually ask, which is the best magnet to use during Magnetic Fishing. The best answer is Neodymium magnets; they are the most powerful and smallest magnets you can get for your fishing setup. Not only for the Magnetic Fishing but also publicly, they are known as the strongest magnets.

Note: These magnets are small but super durable, so be careful while using them, because they can easily stick onto the metallic surface and are hard to separate.

b) Best Rope:

The ropes do matter too, and in the case of Magnetic Fishing, they are termed as most important because when you are using heavy magnets worth 500 lbs. weight, the rope will break instantly. Getting the longest one is the primary step; the best size would be to get a 50ft or longer rope.

When fishing from the bridges, you usually need to have a rope, generally from 80ft to 100 ft or plus longer in length.

Nylon is the material which is termed as best for ropes when magnet fishing. This is because of the reason that Nylon is much durable and have more strength; they are also known for their elasticity and the ability to hold together the knots tied.

With that being said, there are too many qualities of ropes available, so purchasing the one that goes perfect with the magnet is the best choice.

c) Best knot:

The technique is the main element when it comes to knots. So, having the one that holds it secure and tightens itself up is the one you need to aim at. If the one you chose doesn’t hold tight or secures itself while being lifted from heavy objects, then it is not the one to face towards.

Generally, the Palomar Knot is the best knot when it comes to Magnetic Fishing; it is even much easy to learn and considered as the most reliable knot.

d) Best Place:

The best place for Magnet fishing is the one that is publicly available for everybody and is also considered legal to use for fishing. Streams, Canals, Rivers, Lakes, and even the wells are considered the best opportunity for Magnet fishing. There are also many places near the Urban buildups, which will let you find more exciting loot.

To be honest, the best place for Magnet fishing is the countryside, where you will find the rarest loot, and if you are looking for coins, then going for the wells is a perfect choice.

Old industrial towns are also considered the best-known locations for magnet fishing because of the metallic objects worth some dollars that are hidden away for some time. A lucky loot can also make you the owner of some objects worthy of placing in the museum.

For your guidance, you can check the video at

Magnetic Fishing tips:

Well, you cannot be sure if you haven’t tried. From the perspective of people who tried, Magnet fishing is a lot of fun but with certain elements being taken into account.

If you want to have the maximum of your Magnet fishing game, then we have compiled a list of features that can help you obtain it.

  • Picking the Right Spot:

The secret here is that you should pick a publicly available spot. People can swim there, go fishing there, and even boats are readily available in that area. This is because of the reason that when there are a lot of people, you are sure to find something worthy inside the water body.

  • Wearing Gloves:

As the magnetic is heavy and you have to bear the weight of things attached with the magnet too. That is why you need to wear gloves for safety measures and grip. There is also sometimes rust on the materials because of their metallic properties, and sometimes there can be Sharpe objects. So, thick gloves are the best way to go.

  • Asking Permission:

Fishing is all about going to new places and exploring them. That is why you never know who owns this place. Asking for permission before fishing or even magnetic fishing is essential and undoubtedly beneficial in many ways. Like, saving you from fine or from hatred.

  • Double-checking the knot:

The knot is the most crucial factor when you have to carry the weight. Generally, people tend to single check the knot, which results in it slipping off.

So, rechecking it can surely help you save the items which might be worth more than you can imagine. They are also beneficial in bringing heavy objects.

  • Using High Strength Lines:

Magnetic fishing differentiates from the typical fishing in this aspect because you need to pull metals that might be weighing more than the line strength.

Therefore, having high strength rope or line is the way to go; braided ones are also the right choice if you are using the fishing rod.

Magnet Fishing Technique:

Different techniques can be appointed for Magnet Fishing, but it mainly depends on the area where you are fishing and what you are fishing for. The most primary step is to get yourself a nylon rope, which is Heavy Duty one and with a magnet that is tied to the other end of it.

Then, the Magnetic Fishing starts, and you will have to throw one end of the Nylon Rope into the water while holding it firmly on the other end because the magnet, attached, contains some weight.

After that, you will have to wait for the magnet to sink in, and then carefully pull it back up after you feel something is attached to the magnet.

There is one more technique that includes owning your own heavy-duty fishing rod that has a fishing line with durable strength. The magnet is also tied to its one end, while on the other end, you need to grip it tightly.

This is just like a standard fishing rod; you will have to throw it into the water from one end, while from the other end, you need to grasp onto the rod.

The moment you start to feel the attachment of stuff onto the magnet, you need to reel it back to the surface slowly. The important thing here is that you need to hold onto the object tightly so that it doesn’t slip from the magnet and into the shoreline.

For that, you need to be careful with the pulling of stuff from magnet because the thing attached to the magnet could be an ancient artifact sensitive enough to break.

Do you need a fishing license to Magnet Fish?

Honestly, no possible laws are known which says that you need to own a license for Magnet Fishing. The most common thing you can do is ask for permission from the owner in case you are Magnet Fishing at a Private area or place.

There are trespassing laws that are made in case some people tend to go fishing or precisely magnet fishing. Violation of those laws will quickly give you problems like the Fine, jail, or even taking hold of your Fishing equipment and the stuff you found in that area.

Therefore, taking permission before magnetic fishing at a specific private area is always a good choice.

There is another problem, which is that laws change very quickly, especially for things like fishing and magnetic fishing. It is considered the best idea that you check the local fishing and its game websites for a particular area you plan on going to.

In this way, you can be acknowledged about different laws concerning Magnetic fishing or even permissible laws.

The laws also vary from place to place, that is why it depends on countries where you live in or where you plan on going for fishing. To check out roles for Magnetic fishing in that country is also considered a good step because you can dwell into a much larger problem.

Hence, the license is rarely seen in the case of Magnet Fishing, but taking permission before fishing at a private place is always important. You should check the internet for that rules and regulations concerning Magnet fishing, precisely where you want to start magnetic fishing in.

Magnet Fishing Laws US:

Magnetic fishing is totally harmless, but still, many countries have some rules and regulations which are not to be crossed, or there can be some dangerous consequences.

The US is one of them while having permission for Magnet Fishing in all states; there is some problem against Magnet fishing in South Carolina. Here are the most common laws which are found in the US against the Magnetic Fishing.

  • Laws against guns:

There is a famous Rule in the US concerning the act that if you find the items like the guns through magnet fishing, you are to be found in a tough situation.

For example, if someone else used the weapon for someone else’s murder that you saw, then you are located in a questionable state. So, it is essential to have gloves before going out for Magnet Fishing.

  • Laws against knives:

When it comes to knives in the US, they have less strict laws than gun laws, but there are still some regulations concerning it. First of all, it depends on the type of knife you found. For Example, if that gun was lethal and used in wrongdoing, then you are questionable.

There are many exceptions, too, like the hunting knives, which are termed as not lethal and are not considered a problem, rather it is completely dependent of the conditions or situations. The vital thing to note is that the knife you get hold off is yours to keep.

  • Laws against Metal Detectors:

The next law is about the metal detectors, which are found from Magnet Fishing, if states that, when you are using that metal detector on public or state areas, you will have to face serious consequences. Still, on private property, it is totally fine.

  • Laws against Ship wrack or salvaged ones:

The next one is the Wracked or Salvaged Ship, when going out for Magnet fishing, it is infrequent that you get hold of a wrecked ship. But even if you get hold of one, there are two situations.

Is it a state vessel or not a state vessel? In case it is a state vessel, then it belongs to the government, and you are not to mess with it. If it is not a state vessel, then the person who firstly gets hold of can keep it.

But still, there are many other situations like the ownership of Ship or vessel, if the person abandoned it or not! These things are to be kept in mind too.

For more information on laws against the US and UK, you can follow the link

Conclusion: Magnet Fishing

Magnet Fishing is a rewarding and fun thing to do but still doesn’t vary that much from the regular fishing equipment. There are some things are to be noted before going out to try your luck with Magnet Fishing.

It is not illegal in any way, but concerning the fact that you can find any type of metal inside, it can put you in some serious problems. So, knowing the rules for a specific area is always a safe way to go.

This article is all about Magnet fishing and its laws; here, we have compiled an article related to the question “is Metal Fishing legal?”


Can money be made through Magnet Fishing?

Yes, you can earn through the Magnet fishing by collecting the findings or scrap that is not in good form. By merely collecting it to an amount which is good enough can make you a decent amount of money if you sell it. About 50 cents is the amount which is per Kilogram.

Why is Magnet Fishing termed as dangerous?

If you are magnet fishing, there is a chance that you are near a water body, which adds to the fact that you can drown in it. You can also find heavy objects inside the water, which can make you slip near to the water body and enhance the chances of you drowning.

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