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What Color Fishing Line should I use?

Fishing Line Colors Guide

When it comes to fishing, there are many things to consider, like the style involved in fishing, the type of bait that is to be used with a specific variety of species, and then there are also the poles that are to be used; considering other aspects like the reels and the environmental conditions.

With all of these, the Lines used in Fishing equipment are considered an essential thing in the fishing field. Even the color of the fishing line is regarded as a critical step when you are out there for specific species of fishes. In this article, we will discuss the fishing lines and explain which color in fishing lines you should opt for?

So, what actually is the use of Colored Fishing Lines:

The usage of colored fishing line is actually dependent on the environment and the water body. The clear ones are best for all-around while the green ones are best for the green-tinted water. Just like green, the Blue ones are best for the blue-tinted water body. The Yellow is prominent and used to troll the big fishes while also being used to track the fishing line’s movement. On the other hand, the Red is simply the quickest one to disappear in the water body.

Fishing Line Color Chart:

When it comes to the fishing line color, two types need to be discussed: Fluorocarbon and the monofilament. Let us discuss them in details;

  • The Fluorocarbon line is considered as the most invisible lines underwater because they are the invisible lines. Due to this property, they are referred to as the most versatile underwater fishing lines because they are not dependent on the water body’s color. They are best used in pure, clean water bodies.
  • Then there is the Pink colored Fluorocarbon, which is easily detected by the fishermen and hardly detected by the fishes underwater. The amount of visibility is log as we go deeper into the water, which is proven by the Scooba divers. Here is a fishing line color chart for the Fluorocarbon fishing line.

Fishing Line Colour By Water

  • Then there are the Monofilament fishing lines. They are the most popular fishing lines used in the market because of their different color combinations, preferable under some conditions like the color of water and the visibility of fish species. You can see then in the Fishing line color chart provided above.

Fishing Line Color At Various Depth

  • Now we have provided you with different colors and their under-depth nature. You can see that the Red turns into black underwater while the blue turns to white underwater. The clear remains the same, while the Yellow What Is Right Fishing Line Coloralso preserves its color. The green, on the other hand, becomes greener as we go deeper into the water. All of this is termed in the Fishing line color chart.
  • You can see in this fishing line color chart that how the different colors will help you in different scenarios.

How to choose the right fishing line color?

For beginners, the color of the fishing line can massively increase the chances of fish being caught. The results are overwhelming to the beginners.

You can simply forget about the different fishing rods, their usage techniques, and even the bait to use.

Merely choosing the fishing line and then opting for the line can solve your maximum problems. So, let’s get started with the question of how to choose the right fishing line color?

a) Clear fishing line:

First of all, when you are new to fishing, the clear ones, for the most part, will get you through the day with some nibbles while you have fun fishing.

These lines are one of the simplest and considered the most basic lines to choose from. For the part how to choose the right fishing line color, the clear fishing rods are reasonably invisible in the underwater conditions and will be best for you if you don’t know which color to choose from.

Simply, if you have a plan to go fishing often, then clear monofilament lines are your best friend. If you are going for the filament type clear fishing lines, they are even more invisible in the underwater conditions than the ones we have discussed, called the monofilament fishing lines.

The invisibility measures how good they are in the water, or merely the clear water because they are the least lines that get noticed by the fishes when they are looking for the bait and biting on the.

b) Coloring braided fishing line:

So, when you want to know how to choose the right fishing line color in a specific condition like a full moon, then there are yellow, green, blue, and red braided fishing lines available easily in the market for fishing equipment.

Getting started with the coloring braided fishing line, the first one we will discuss is the yellow-colored fishing lines;

c) Yellow Braided Fishing Line:

Yellow is termed as one of the most visible fishing lines underwater. These fishing lines are used in the condition when you have to track the movement of the fishing line.

These are primarily used when you have a bobber in use. Yellow is termed as a very bright and visible braided line; that is why it is unique and has its specific purpose of use.

The bright lines make it way more comfortable for you to see the lines where they are headed. But in terms of comparison of coloring braided fishing line, yellow is also very easy for the fish to see, that is why they are mostly used in the muddy or dirty water.

So, at the least, it is considered a trade-off when using the Yellow braided fishing lines; either you will see the fishing line clearly, resulting in the fish also noticing the fishing line clearly. Suffix Elite is out recommendation when you are out there using the Yellow fishing line.

d) Green Braided Fishing Line:

After the Yellow coloring braided fishing line comes the green ones, which are also very much visible in the water. The Green ones are mainly dependent on the water you are fishing inside.

Water bodies are known to have a much green tint to them, resulting in them being invisible to the fish under specific conditions. They are much like camouflage and will bend accordingly to the surrounding water body.

In the clean water body, the green-colored fishing line is much visible to the fish, that is why they are referred to as the fishing line color that is exactly like the yellow fishing line under specific conditions.

But to be honest, the green comes with its usage and place amongst the different coloring braided fishing line. All in one, it is much versatile than the Yellow braided fishing line. Trilene is the choice we recommend to you if you are using the Green colored fishing line.

e) Blue Braided Fishing Line:

The blue coloring braided fishing line resembles the water body color in specific areas. That is why it is much like the green color, as it is considered much versatile to use.

So, in the case of a blue water body, you should opt for the blue fishing line as compared to the green fishing line because it bends way better in the water body.

To be honest, the amount of green tint in the water is much more than the blue tint; that is why, when you are out there fishing, don’t be fooled by the fact that the water’s color is always blue. We will recommend your Smoke Blue Stren line.

f) Red Braided Fishing Line:

Out of all the fishing lines, the red coloring fishing line is almost invisible underwater. It might sound strange to you, but it has been proven through research that the red braided fishing line disappears much rapidly underwater as compared to the other fishing lines.

According to the scuba divers, the Red appears as black when inside the water body. Keeping this fact in mind, the red braided fishing line will most probably be appearing as black to the fish that might be well off with the surrounding watercolor.

There is a talk that red braided fishing line resembles blood; that is why when using them, you get a greater chance to catch the fish through bait because they will probably think of this line as bait and will bite onto it.

All in one, the red coloring fishing line is to be used when you are very serious about fishing and want to experiment with this color to prove the theories by yourself. Our recommendation for the red braided fishing line is Cajun Red Fishing Line.

g) Multi colored Monofilament Fishing Line:

If you are not sure how to choose the right fishing line color, then the Multi-Colored Monofilament fishing line is something you can always go for. They are much like the experimental fishing lines because there are all kinds of color present in the fishing line, which you can cut and use.

The multi-colored Monofilament fishing line also comes in a single multi-color line that can be used in the water body to experiment with all colors in a single fishing line.

Therefore, the Multi-colored monofilament fishing line is used as an experimental fishing line when you don’t know how to choose the right fishing line color.

You can also explore our comprehensive guide about Fishing Line strength.

Why use a yellow fishing line?

When it comes to picking a color, fishermen usually go for the obvious ones or the other fishing lines except for the Yellow fishing line; then, a question arises which is that Why use a yellow fishing line?

To be honest, the Yellow braided fishing lines are referred to as the most visible fishing lines. That is why they are used to track the fishing line movement.

The idea for the fishing line movement is beneficial when you are fishing in groups. The Yellow ones are used in this scenario to make it visible to the whole group of fishermen. This can also be referred to as the big picture because you can basically see all the lines at ones in the water body.

There is another reason Why use the yellow fishing line? The Yellow ones are used to troll the larger fishes like the big sharks, tuns, and the more massive billfish. These fishes are not easy to catch and require many skills, that is why the Yellow ones are used in finding them.

The Yellow braided fishing line is also convenient in situations where the big fishes are fishing and need the communication of the whole team. This scenario is also the one where you will probably favor the Yellow fishing line instead of all others.

So, at the least, Why use the yellow fishing line? It could also be because of the ability of yellow color in fishing lines to retain their color even in the depts of 15 ft or more. That is why, under the specific conditions, you will favor Yellow color more than the other colors.

Is Red Fishing Line Good or Bad?

It totally depends on your choice because there are specific scenarios where the Red might be better than the rest while there is also the scenario when the Red is considered the worst one to use.

Hence, it is totally dependent on the water body, the species, and the environment you are fishing in. But generally, Is Red Fishing Line Good or Bad? To be honest, the Red braided fishing line is excellent to use.

The central aspect of using the Red coloring braided fishing line is that it resembles the blood, the fishes when watching this color underwater will go nuts over it and have a higher chance of biting the bait. The Red color also retains itself to some extent, underwater.

When you are going further away in a deep water body, the color changes to black, which is seen as black color in the depth of water by fishes. This can be good and also be harmful in certain aspects.

Some fishes see black as the color that matches the environment and will not bite it because they won’t see it. But certain fishes pay close attention to black color underwater, so it red fishing line good or bad here? Precisely, the red color here is preferable underwater but not too deep.

There is another question related to the red color fishing line, which is that it is not surely visible or invisible under the water. It could be visible to the fish while not being visible to the fishermen or vice versa. It totally depends on the water body and the color of the water.

Hence, the answer to the question of is red color fishing line good or bad is that the red color is totally preferable under its own specific conditions.

What color fishing line for Surf Fishing?

So, a question arises that what color fishing line for surf fishing is best known? Honestly, it also depends on the personal preference and the environment you are fishing in. If the water’s color at the surfing water body is green, then the green color is undoubtedly preferable over the other colors.

But when it comes to the blue colored water body, the blue color is preferable over all others, that is why it usually depends on the type of water body and the color of water you are surfing in.

If in case you don’t know which color of water you are surfing in, then what color fishing line for surf fishing should you use? The answer to this question is the clear fishing line or the fluorocarbon line. This is because when you are surfing, the reflection on the water is more than that of stationary fishing. This results in the visibility issues provided in the water body that decreases the change of fish being caught. That is why the fluorocarbon ones or the clear fishing lines are mostly used because of their low light reflection.

Does the fishing line color matter?

The fishing line color is a simple matter of preference and not considered more than that by some people. Some theories cause anglers to use colored fishing lines, but some are not just theories because they have been proven useful. So, a question arises, does fishing line color matter?

The trust is that they started to matter when the anglers discovered certain aspects of color when it comes to the depth of the water body. Under the 15 feet depth, the color starts to completely change for some cases like the Red and the Green or Blue color.

Hence, the answer to the question of whether fishing line color matters is that yes, they do when you are focused on specific conditions like the watercolor and the environment in which you are fishing.

Other than that, there are no more favors the color can give you, like the chances the fish will bite onto the fishing hook due to its color. These things are only theories and self-made.

All in one, the importance of fishing line color is its ability to bend with the water environment and is considered a critical aspect when it comes to fishing at the professional level.

The obvious ones are basically the best choice because they are not visible when moving from the black or darker water body to the stained or muddy water body.


Which colored fishing lines are most commonly fish attracted to?

White light color and the green color are referred to as the ones which are most attractive to fishes. They are also used to get the fishes towards the docks, boats, and the piers because of the fact that they are much brighter and will provide higher chances to attract the fish. The light blue color is much less bright and is used where you have more ambient lighting. That is why they are commonly used near the resort areas or restaurants.

Which is much better, the Monofilament or the Fluorocarbon?

Fluorocarbons are way less visible, have thing diameter, and are very well sensitive. There is a bit of stretch when setting the hook but not much compared to the monofilament fishing line. The Fluorocarbon is also abrasion resistant and falls much faster than the Mono. But Monofilament fishing lines come in colors, which adds up to advantage.

Will the colored line used for fishing make any difference?

The color is used to determine which rod was recently bitten. When there is more than one hookup, it is much easier to track then down while directing the angler to the correct rod. As Red is the primary color to go neutral in the water body, then it makes it easier to go fishing with. Hence, the Fishing line color matter and make a difference under specific conditions.

Which color is the quickest to disappear under the water body?

The quickest color to disappear is Red that gets absorbed following the yellow and the orange color. The color disappearing under the water body is the same as that provided in the color spectrum. For example, the water at a depth of 5 ft will have a bit of faded red color.

Does the Yellow fishing line scare the fishes?

Yellow is the most visible color out of all the colors used in the fishing line. They are used to detect the lines when they are fishing together. So, it is much of a trade-off because when the anglers are out there tracking the fishes, the fish might just notice the fishing line and then run away. They don't notice it much when they are out there striking the lure.

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